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What to Do If You’re Locked Out of Your House

Many people accidentally get locked out of the house at some point. It can be embarrassing and frustrating to say the least. You may try getting back inside on your own, or checking with neighbors. If that doesn’t work, or you don’t feel confident about those methods, give Nonstop Local Locksmith a call. We are your neighborhood Atlanta locksmith and we’re here to help you regain access to your home quickly and professionally.  

Don’t Attempt to Break In to Your Home

If you’ve been locked out, it’s likely that your first instinct will be to try and jimmy the lock on your door, or open a window from the outside to get back in your home. If you have an extra credit card in your wallet that you truly don’t mind destroying, or any bobby pins in your hair, you may be tempted to give these tools a try. If you attempt a DIY solution to getting back inside your home, you run the risk of breaking your lock and making the situation worse. Even if you are able to get in this way, you may quickly decide it’s too easy to gain entrance and that it’s time to invest in a home security system or an updated set of door locks!  

Check With Neighbors

Many home owners share keys with their friends and trusted neighbors. If you’ve done this, you’ll be able to borrow the key and get back inside your home with little hassle. Even if you haven’t shared a key, heading towards the nearest friendly face is a solid first step to regaining access to your home. If you don’t have your cell phone on you, you should be able to use your neighbor’s phone and call Nonstop Local Locksmith at 678-801-6077. We’ll come out to your house and help you get back inside quickly.  

Locked Out of Your House? Call a Locksmith in Atlanta!

Your best bet when you are locked out of your house is to call a local Atlanta locksmith. Nonstop Local Locksmith has four locations throughout the metro Atlanta area so no matter where you are located, we’re nearby and can offer assistance quickly. We know this is a stressful situation for you so we take every measure to ensure your safety while providing prompt, professional residential locksmith service. If you’re lucky enough to have your cell phone with you when you’re locked out of your house, the quickest and easiest way to get back in is to call an Atlanta Locksmith. At Nonstop Local Locksmith, our Atlanta team will help you securely regain access to your home or business without a lot of hassle. Our local professionals excel at creating new keys, repairing locks, and lock replacements. Call us today at 678-801-6077 or contact us online. You will have a friendly and knowledgeable team member at your home quickly, ready to provide you with the confidential and discrete service that you deserve.
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