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Commercial Services

Nonstop Local Locksmith provides top quality commercial locksmith services for all types of commercial properties. As soon as you call, we will come to your business when you are locked out and help you gain back access and get back to work. We can also come to your business to re-key existing locks, install high security locks and push bars, open safes, replace keys, and more.

New Keys

Besides opening locked doors, a commercial locksmith can offer many more services. If you just moved into a new office building, you can have new locks installed on internal and external doors. Need more keys? A commercial locksmith can create multiple key copies as needed for all your commercial door locks. That can be important especially in older buildings where keys have been lost throughout the years, and even elevators can require a new key setup to get them moving.

Locked Out Services

While getting into a locked house may be a breeze, it is not always the case for a locked building. Getting locked out of a commercial building can take hours, and if you’re a business owner, this can mean loss of work or revenue. Calling a locksmith can have you back in business in no time. Locked file cabinets or old safes are great places for storing confidential business files or precious items. However, if you can’t get to them when you need them, that’s also a serious problem. When they contact a commercial locksmith, Atlanta business owners can get their locks opened and get the access they need.

Master Keys from Commercial Locksmiths

Does your job require you to carry a different key for every door? Rather than carry around a noisy key ring all day, have a master key system implemented. We can install convenient master key systems for large buildings with multiple entrances. This will allow you to conveniently open all of the doors of a property with one key.

A master key system can be set up in different ways. You can have it set up for a single key all access system or have it set up on multiple levels depending on the kind of door access you want to give various employees or associates. A locksmith can install an easy key system to meet all your security needs. This means no more fumbling for multiple keys.

New Digital Locks and Codes

The same goes for newer digital lock systems. We can also assist you in upgrading your existing locks to high security locks to keep your property secure. Many modern locks are now electronic and require no key. All you do is simply punch in a code or use a smartphone and you’re in. When they work with a commercial locksmith, Atlanta, GA, business owners can set up a locking system where they can track who comes and goes based on the entry codes used. You can even integrate cameras or visual doorbells, and many electronic locks and security features can be controlled remotely. If you forgot to lock up, you can do so from the comfort of your home, without rushing back to the office.

The next time you experience a lockout or need other commercial locksmith services, don’t panic. Help is just a phone call away. As commercial locksmiths, we have the knowledge and know-how to get you out of any situation involving locks. So whether you need to change out old locked mailboxes, cut off an old door padlock, or install a high security lock system, you are covered. To learn more, contact us at Nonstop Local Locksmith. We have assisted all types of commercial properties over the years including office buildings, industrial properties, warehouses, retail stores, hotels, garages, restaurants, and more.