Should You Rekey or Change Your Locks

Whether you lost your keys, just moved into a new home, want to upgrade to keyless door entry, just had a break-in, or another reason, you will want to change locks or rekey them. However, which one is better? Here is what you should know.

When to Change Locks

You should change locks if they are old and starting to wear out. Also, if you would like to modernize your locks and upgrade to using electronic ones, you should change locks.

You may also have locks all over your home from various brands. If you want to open them using the same key, then you will have to change them. Locks change in Atlanta can also be more cost-effective than rekeying if you lost the key to your lock.

When to Rekey Locks

Rekeying locks stops old keys from opening a door and allows a new key to do so. When all your locks come from the same brand, or feature the same kind of keyhole, it’s better to rekey a lock.

When you lose your old key and worry about someone finding it and getting into your home, you can rekey locks, barring anyone with the old key from opening your door. Moving into a new home is a good time to rekey locks as well.

Call a Mobile Locksmith

If you need a locks change in Atlanta, whether for your home or business, you contact Nonstop Locksmith Atlanta. We can change your locks the right way and ensure your home or office is safe and secure. Our high-quality locks can be installed quickly and professionally at affordable prices. From the moment our technician arrives at the scene, you can be confident that you will have your locks changed properly. When you are looking for the best service for locks change in Atlanta, contact Nonstop Locksmith Atlanta.

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