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Commercial Business Lock Change, Lock Re-key, Lockouts, and Keypads

You can never be too careful when it comes to your security. After all, the safety of your employees and customers is at stake along with all of your company’s physical assets. Nonstop Local Locksmith is a locksmith Atlanta businesses trust to secure their commercial facilities. Whether an employee has been locked out, you need locks re-keyed, or you want to install a keyless entry system, we are just a phone call away.

Upgrade Your Entry System with Help from Our Locksmith Atlanta Company

Hotels were some of the first businesses in the country to forgo handing out keys in favor of a keycard system. Commercial keyless entry has come a long way in the last few decades, which means that you have multiple options to choose from for securing your facility. You do not need to provide employees or vendors with a key or a card when you opt for using a code or a smartphone application to gain entrance. This also allows you as the business owner to track who entered the building and how long each person stayed. The security features with keyless entry systems do not stop there. We can also install a visual camera or doorbell that you can monitor from a remote location. You can even lock the building from home if you or an employee forgot to do so on the way out. If you do go with a numeric entry code, we can change it for you at any time.  One common situation is fear of a disgruntled former employee returning to try to harm others, commit theft, or damage property.

Locked Out? We Will Have You Back in the Building in No Time

Not being able to access a commercial building is frustrating and one of the most common reasons that business owners contact a commercial locksmith Atlanta. While it is usually a more complex job that getting into a home you have been locked out of, our locksmiths understand the urgency and will work efficiently to help you regain access. Time is money in business, and the longer you are standing around outside the more money your business is losing inside without you there to attend to it.

New Keys and Rekeying of Locks

If you have recently taken ownership of a new commercial building, you will want to change both internal and external locks and have new keys made for them. We can also create keys for new employees or anyone else you would like to have access to the entire building or only specific areas of it. It is also a good idea to have new keys made if you fear that a key has been lost and fallen into the wrong hands.

Consider a Master Key System

Carrying around a bulky set of keys and remembering which key goes to which door can be challenging. Working with our locksmith Atlanta company to rekey your locks to open to only one master key is a better solution. You decide who to give the key to based on employee security clearance. The above are just some of the commercial locksmith services offered by Nonstop Local Locksmith of Atlanta. Please contact us to request services or more information.
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