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Advice from a Locksmith in Atlanta: Have a Second Set of Keys

Take it from a locksmith in Atlanta, it is no fun being locked out of your house after a long day. That is why it is best to have an extra set of keys for carshomes, offices. You may even think about making copies for boats, trunks, and trailers. It is not hard to walk out the door and lock it without keys in hand. Many modern vehicles also auto lock after a few minutes with no activity. That means the keys could be lying on the driver’s seat securely locked in the car. Without a second set of keys, that means waiting for a locksmith in Atlanta to unlock the door.  It only takes us minutes to copy a set of keys versus a lengthy wait to access locked car keys. We can tell countless stories about losing the only set of keys. It takes more time and money to change all the door locks or pay to make new keys to fit old locks. Storing spare keys is less stressful.  

Store Spare Keys in a Secure Place

In our experience, many of the gadgets for storing keys are out of date and too easy to figure out.  Let’s go over what not to do first. Leaving spare keys around the outside of the house opens the door for many unfavorable outcomes. The old under the mat strategy is tired and dangerous. Don’t even use a fake rock or magnetic car attachment. Behind the license plates is an outdated tactic too. What looks like securely hiding keys is not so hidden to an opportunist. Plus, it is hard to tell who is watching. It will be difficult to explain to authorities that the keys were out for a burglar to step right in. Young children may also share the secret key location, not knowing how serious the information is.  

Best Hiding Spots for Spare Keys

One of the best outcomes we hear about is by keeping spare house or car keys with someone reliable. Ask a trustworthy family member or loved one. It would be even more convenient to have a reliable neighbor. It would only be a matter of walking next door if a key emergency happens. If a reliable outside party is not an option, think about putting the spare house key in the car and the spare car key on the house. Instead of just putting the keys in a glove compartment or ash tray, invest in a hitch safe. If the vehicle has a hitch, a combination box can secure both spare sets of keys. A locksmith in Atlanta can give you options for lock boxes or keyless entry methods too.  

Get Back Inside with Nonstop Local Locksmith

Despite the best of efforts, incidents happen. When they do, you need a realizable locksmith in Atlanta on speed dial. With our three locations servicing areas across the city, we will show up and have you back on the road in no time. Contact us for all your locksmith needs!
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